NAB Lucknow U.P State Branch


To make beauty of this world accusative by every visually Divyangjan


We are committed to bring in strengthened skilled individuals value by the society out of Visually Divyanjans .


NAB Lucknow is a state branch of NAB India, which was established in 1952 at Mumbai. It is a Nationally & Internationally recognized as a non-political, non-religious organization. Its objectives are the prevention and cure of blindness and the provision of facilities for education, training, rehabilitation, employment and care of blind men, women, and children. Education services of NAB - Lucknow include the promotion of pre- School and integrated education in urban and rural areas, scholarships for school, college and university students, teachers training programs, and the provision of aids and appliances like Braille Books, Recorded Literature, Braille & Mathematical Kits and Reader's Services.
We need to extend these services to more and more divyang people. Your kind co-operation and valuable donations will help us to sustain and enhance Our endeavors. All Donations are covered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.


Mrs.(Dr.) Rama Shankhdhar


Mrs. Amita Dubey

“Vice President”

Dr.Shahsi Prabha Gupta

“General Secretary”

Mr. Anurag Mishra


Mrs. Manju Kacker

“Jt. Secretary”

Mrs. Manju Rawat

“Jt. Secretary”


We are committed to help every Visually Challenged Students / Persons so, that he or she can attain his or her potential to become an asset for the Nation and not a liability in any way.



We as members of NAB are committed to display through our behavior character and actions through our conduct, which applies to all aspects of our ideals.


  • Which is of the highest ethical standards both Intellectual and Moral.
  • Which puts the persons to be serve in the forefront.
  • Which exemplifies care for Visually Divyang Individuals   through our Deed and Dedication.
  • Which builds and maintains teamwork.
  • Which demonstrates that we are committed to make the Visually Divyang Individuals   a key asset of this “NATION”


  • Show Affection and Respect; do not Pity!
  • Create Awareness in the Society Regarding Disability!
  • Raise Fund for Visually Challenged Persons!
  • Give Your Service Voluntarily!
  • Give Ample Opportunity!
  • In courage Eye Donation!